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Sometimes alongside dental implant treatment it is necessary to perform a "gum" graft, or soft tissue graft to either help regenerate lost gum tissue or to thicken the existign gum to reduce the risk of recession over time. Dr Mallorie has been performing gum grafting procedures for over 15 years and has trained extensively in this field under some of the top surgeons in the World so he is well armed with a number of predictable techniques to help regenerate gum to help enhance the rehabilitation of his patients with dental implants. 

Case exampleS

Example 1 - A fractured front tooth following trauma. A gum graft was performed at the time of implant placement to help enhance the gum around the final tooth.


Example 2 - This canine was fractured but also had some gum recession. So alongside replacing it with a dental implant a gum graft was performed.


Example 3 - This patient presented with two failing implants and a complete loss of gum at the base of them. Alongside removal of the implants and bone grafting, gum grafting was also performed to regenerate the thicker-type of gum that we need around implants in order to try and give a predictable long-term result.

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