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It takes 18 years of
training to become an
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

We are frequently trusted
by dentists and doctors
to treat them and their families

Treatment feeS 

We try to be open and honest about our fee structure. The fees below aim to give you an idea of the costs involved with the services that we provide.


Full, bespoke, quotations will be provided to every patient following a consultation with one of our Specialist surgeons.

Consultation Fees

Initial oral & maxillofacial surgery consultation with Consultant Mr Cellan Thomas - £125

Skin check (head & neck only) with head and neck cancer surgeon Mr Cellan Thomas (utilising a dermatoscope) - £245

Follow-up reviews with Consultant Mr Cellan Thomas - £95

Investigation Fees

OPG panoramic X-ray - £45

Intra-oral X-rays - No charge

CBCT Scan (3D X-ray) to assess wisdom teeth or ectopic teeth - £80 (OPG fee removed if CBCT needed after taking OPG)

Formal CBCT scan report from oral and maxillofacial radiology consultant - £75-£220 (fees are set externally and depend on size of scan)

Blood tests - £40/investigation.

Histopathology reporting from a specialist pathologist - £235

Oral swabs/Oral Rinses - £40

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Fees (depending on complexity)

Soft tissue lump removal - £345 EXCLUDING histopathology reporting fees.


Removal of odontogenic cyst - £285 to £700max depending on complexity (EXCLUDING histopathology reporting fees)

Pre-prosthetic alveoplasty/gingivoplasty - £285 to £700max depending on complexity

Mucocele Removal - £345 EXCLUDING histopathology reporting fees.

Fibro-epithelial Polyp Removal - £345 EXCLUDING histopathology reporting fees.

Skin lesion excision (removal) - from £345 (depends on size/complexity)

Oral-antral communication closure - £285

Frenectomy - £345

Wisdom teeth removal - £150 to £445 depending on complexity 

Removal of two wisdom teeth on the same side - £350 to £445max depending on complexity

Removal of both lower wisdom teeth - £445 - £690max depending on complexity

Removal of all four wisdom teeth - £600 to £985max depending on complexity

Removal of all four premolars for orthodontics - £400 to £690max depending on complexity

Surgical removal of ectopic canine for orthodontics - £285 to £690max depending on complexity

For any additional items not listed above please contact us direct or book for a consultation. All treatment plans are bespoke for the individual patient and the fees above are designed to give an idea of costs but actual costs may vary. Exact fees may vary due to variance in treatment complexity and time required. Actual fees involved will be provided in writing following a consultation. 

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