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We use piezo surgery to perform this procedure
to a high degree of accuracy

We are frequently trusted
by dentists and doctors
to treat them and their families

Sometimes teeth that have had root canal treatment may still continue to show signs of infection and cause pain. This may be due to the complex anatomy in the very tip of the root harbouring bacteria that cannot be removed by conventional root canal treatment. The aim of an apicectomy procedure is to surgically access the tip of the root of the tooth and remove it along with any associated infection. The remaining end of the root is cleaned out using very precise piezosurgery instruments after which it is filled and the site closed with some stitches. We the latest in piezosurgery instrumentation to help ensure this procedure can be carried out accurately and with a high probability of success. The hope is that the surgery enables the source of the ongoing infection to be removed and that it promotes healing of the site. Thus the tooth which they would of otherwise have to have had extracted can be saved.

Our team of oral surgeons have thousands of hours of operating experience which enables them to approach apicectomies carefully and effectively for their patients. This helps to reduce procedure time and trauma as well as decreasing the risk of complications during or after surgery.

Our peaceful and relaxed environment here at the centre will allow you to have your surgery in as comfortable an environment as possible. You can lay back and watch a movie on our ceiling-mounted screens tucked in with a warm blanket whilst we perform your surgery which is usually done with a profound local anaesthetic.

Infection in the root

Apicectomy performed

Site has healed, infection has gone


I'm nervous of having SURGERY...

We are very aware that the idea of having a surgical procedure can be stressful for people which is why we have worked hard to create as calm and relaxing environment at our clinic as possible. But we do also offer sedation for those patients who need something a little stronger to calm their nerves. To read more about our sedation service please click HERE.

why should I see a specialist and not my general dentist to have my surgery?

Specialist oral surgeons have trained extensively in the art and science of safe and accurate surgery involving the teeth and jaws. Their advanced knowledge and experience in this field helps reduce surgery time as well as decreasing complications during and after surgery. Having spent tens of thousands of hours operating in the mouth you can rest assured you will be in safe hands with any of our team of Specialist Oral Surgeons.

DO I need to be referred to come and see you?

No you do not. Although we do a lot of our surgical procedures for patients who have been referred to us by their dentist, you do not need to be referred to come and see us. Our Specialist Oral Surgeons can be accessed directly without the need for a referral from your dentist. To arrange a consultation please contact us and we would be happy to provide assistance. 

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