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Excess gum can be a visually distressing issue for patients

We are frequently trusted
by dentists and doctors
to treat them and their families.

Excess gum can occur for various reasons. Sometimes the eruption of the teeth in to the mouth can be delayed and too much gum sits around the neck of the teeth. This is called "delayed passive eruption" and this excess gum can be removed to reveal the entire crown of the tooth. 

You can also develop an excess of gum, called "gingival hyperplasia", as a result of taking medications such as verapamil, phenytoin and nifedipine Management is a combination of speaking to your GP about an alternative medication as well as surgical removal of the excess gum.

Our team of oral surgeons have thousands of hours of operating experience which enables them to approach removal of excess gum carefully and effectively for their patients. This helps to reduce procedure time and trauma as well as decreasing the risk of complications during or after surgery.

Our peaceful and relaxed environment here at the centre will allow you to have your surgery in as comfortable an environment as possible. You can lay back and watch a movie on our ceiling-mounted screens tucked in with a warm blanket whilst we perform your surgery which is usually done with a profound local anaesthetic.


I'm nervous of having surgery...

We are very aware that the idea of having any surgery in your mouth can be stressful for people which is why we have worked hard to create as calm and relaxing environment at our clinic as possible. We also offer sedation for those patients who need something a little stronger to calm their nerves. To read more about our sedation service please click HERE.

DO I need to be referred to come and see you?

No you do not. Although we do a lot of gum recontouring procedures for patients who have been referred to us by their dentist, You do not need to be referred to come and see us. Our Specialist Oral Surgeons can be accessed directly without the need for a referral from your dentist. If you feel that you would be a good candidate for gum grafting based on the above information then please contact us and we would be happy to see you for a consultation to assess you.

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