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We often see patients who have had poor quality and/or failing dental implant treatment provided by both local and overseas clinics offering fast solutions to their dental needs.

Working with the biology of a persons mouth to provide predictable outcomes for them when having dental implant treatment is extremely important and should not be rushed. 

It often takes twice as long to undo the damage from poor quality treatment and to make things good again for the patient. 

The best time to do things is the first time and if something is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to do it right.

Below are a few examples of cases that Mr Mallorie has had to help patients with failing dental implant treatment....

Case exampleS

Example 1 - Implant placed in poor position. 


Example 2 - Two failed implants. Implants had to be removed. Bone and gum grafting was then performed before placing new implants.


Example 3 - Failed lower implant-retained denture. Poor implant angulations and severe bone loss. Implants removed, new ones placed and a new implant-retained overdenture made.

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