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We have collectively performed over 30,000  dental extractions

We are frequently trusted
by dentists and doctors
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Ectopic Canine Exposures

Teeth don't often all come in to our mouths nice and straight. They sometimes do not erupt in to the mouth properly and become buried. Canines are a common tooth to be "ectopic" but other teeth such as premolars can also not erupt properly in to the mouth. If the ectopic tooth is deemed to be in a favourable position the crown of it can be surgically uncovered to help an orthodontist, or treating dentist, to move the tooth in to position. Sometimes we will glue a gold bracket and chain on to the tooth at the same time as surgically exposing it so that it can be gradually pulled in to position by your braces. We work with many orthodontists and treating dentists to provide these exposures under their prescription.

Our peaceful and relaxed environment here at the centre allows patients to have the procedure performed in as comfortable an environment as possible. Patients can watch a movie on our ceiling-mounted screens tucked in with a warm blanket if needed during the procedure. As a routine we utilise advanced local anaesthetic techniques to try and ensure the whole procedure is as pain-free as possible. 

ectopic caninesa.jpg

I'm nervous of having SURGERY...

We are very aware that having surgery in the mouth can be stressful for people which is why we have worked hard to create as calm and relaxing environment at our clinic as possible. But we do also offer sedation for those patients who need something a little stronger to calm their nerves. To read more about our sedation service please click HERE.

why should I see a specialist and not my general dentist to have my treatment?

Specialist oral surgeons have advanced knowledge and experience in this field helps reduce surgery time as well as decreasing complications during and after surgery. You can rest assured you will be in safe hands with any of our team of Specialist Oral Surgeons.

DO I need to be referred to come and see you for orthodontic exposures?

Yes, for orthodontic exposures we must have a written referral from your orthodontist, or treating dentist. We are specialists in oral surgery but not in straightening teeth so we will not be able to work without a referral. They can access our electronic referral form here.

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