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Removal of Basal Cell Carcinoma
(skin cancer)


Basal cell carcinomas are types of skin cancer that commonly affect the face and head due to sun exposure. These tend to grow and are best treated early when they are first noticed. We can offer skin inspection and treatment as required. Many of these lesions are best treated with removal under local anaesthetic. If they are small in size then the area of skin can be closed easily with a couple of stitches. Larger lesions can be removed and repaired with skin grafts or local skin flaps. When the lump/ulcer has been removed it will be sent to a pathologist who will examine it under a microscope in order to confirm the diagnosis and will assess the margins to ensure that it has been fully removed.

Our peaceful and relaxed environment here at the centre will allow you to have your surgery in as comfortable an environment as possible. You can lay back and watch a movie on our ceiling-mounted screens tucked in with a warm blanket whilst we perform your surgery.

I'm nervous of having it removed...

We are very aware that the idea of having a potential skin cancer can be stressful for people which is why we have worked hard to create as calm and relaxing environment at our clinic as possible. But we do also offer sedation for those patients who need something a little stronger to calm their nerves. To read more about our sedation service please click HERE.

DO I need to be referred to come and see you?

No you do not. Although we do see a lot of skin lesions referred to us by their dentist or GP, you do not need to be referred to come and see us. Our maxillofacial surgeon can be accessed directly without the need for a referral. So if you are concerned about a lump/ulcer on your skin please contact us and we would be happy to arrange an assessment. 

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