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Having symmetrical gums can really enhance the aesthetics of cosmetic dental treatment

We are frequently trusted
by dentists and doctors
to treat them and their families.

It is very rare that are gum positions around the necks of our teeth are perfectly symmetrical. In cases where the restorative dentist is planning veneers or crowns on the teeth and the gums are not symmetrical they may request us to see the patient to perform crown lengthening. The aim of crown lengthening is to make the gums more symmetrical to help improve the overall aesthetic outcome for the restoring dentist and the patient. A wax-up plan of the proposed teeth/gum positions is usually prepared ahead of time by the referring dentist and then we perform the surgery to reshape the gums, and usually the underlying bone, to match their planned positions. Then after a period of healing (usually 4 to 6 months) the final restorative work can be completed. 


can anyone have crown lengthening? 

Not necessarily. In order to be a good candidate for crown lengthening you must have the following:

- Very good oral hygiene (effective daily interdental cleaning and twice daily brushing)

- A dental hygienist who you see regularly.

- Have had a dental checkup recently and been told that your gum health is stable.

- The teeth must be solid, i.e. not wobbly, and have no decay or infection.

I'm nervous of having surgery...

We are very aware that the idea of having any surgery in your mouth can be stressful for people which is why we have worked hard to create as calm and relaxing environment at our clinic as possible. You will be able to watch a movie during the procedure and warm blankets will be provided to help keep you comfortable as you have your surgery. We also offer sedation for those patients who need something a little stronger to calm their nerves. To read more about our sedation service please click HERE.

DO I need to be referred to come and see you for cosmetic gum grafting?

Yes. You must have a referral from the restoring dentist.  They will have to preparing a surgical stent for us based on the planned tooth positions. , We will not be able to provide this type of treatment without a referral. Your restoring dentist can access our electronic referral form here.

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